Chicken and Roasted
Pumpkin, Feta & Shallots
Lamb Jalapeno and
Chicken and Roasted
Pumpkin, Feta & Shallots
Lamb Jalapeno and
1 x beef,
burton & baz
we are the real deal
Premium Wholesale Butchery

For chefs & connoisseurs

Butcher’s BlockTM is here to uphold a legacy. A legacy that honours craftsmanship, celebrates tradition, and delivers the very best handcrafted products to inspire and elevate your cooking. We are a wholesale butchery hub where our qualified butchers combine premium cuts with pride, passion, and innovation to craft outstanding artisan and world-class products.

As a premium distribution butchery hub, we work with and service top chefs, BBQ enthusiasts, HoReCa, Industrial sector and home consumers.

Supplying quality
meat since 2014.

Steeped in heritage and with a finger firmly on the pulse of innovative global trends, Butcher’s BlockTM wholesale offering includes the very best in bespoke meats, whether you’re a chef or discerning home connoisseur.

Our Products

We offer a diverse range of quality brands, primal cuts & bespoke offerings, where we represent leading local and global meat brands, as well as run our own product portfolio Hillside Farms working with local farmers and partners.

We are particularly proud of our award-winning premium sausages Burton & Baz, handcrafted in house and bursting bold, adventurous and mouthwatering flavour combinations!


Rump, Ribs, Shanks, Leg, Shoulder, Racks, Sweet breads, Backstrap, Mince


Tenderloin (Eye Fillet), Sirloin, Scotch, Rump, Brisket, Rump, Mince, Cheek, Short Rib, Bones, Marrow, Op Ribs, Skirt


Belly, Scotch, Fillet, Shoulder, Loin, Trim, Mince, Bones, Ribs


Breast, Thighs, Livers, Wings, Legs, Frames, Tenderloins, Whole, Mince, Hearts, Smoked Chicken


Sausages, Burger Patties, Meatballs, Sausage meat

Deli Range

Bacon (Streaky, middle, pieces, hock), Ham (Whole Ham, Leg, Sliced, Halves, Diced), Black pudding, Pastrami, Corned Silverside.


Goat, Venison, Rabbit, Turkey

Portion cutting is available. Ask our team

1 x beef,
burton & baz

Our Partners & Brands

Our Story

Working with our partners to ensure sustainable farming practices, we have our sights set firmly on the future but our craft remains true to the past.

Forget ordinary. Butcher’s BlockTM is bringing a new experience to the table. Finest quality hand selected premium New Zealand cuts that are outstanding here at home.

We are working with top chefs and restaurants matching innovative global trends, hand selecting the finest local NZ meats, artisanal products, and also tapping into the best of global unique options for discerning meat enthusiasts & connoisseurs.

  • Craftsmanship
  • Chefs quality
  • Proudly NZ
  • Leading industry partnerships
1 x beef,
burton & baz

How to shop

Shop our range via our two key channels. Butchers BlockTM is part of the Produce Company. Existing customers please continue to place orders as per current.

FoodboxR online food delivery for home chefs.

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